Effective Legal Representation Begins With Understanding A Client’s Goals

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Safeguarding Your Construction Project

Construction law brings many different legal fields together. From reviewing contracts to litigating defects and even collecting on debt, if you are in the construction industry, you need to cover many bases. Your legal team should help you protect your interests.

At Oliver Hughes LLC, our attorneys have over 25 years of legal experience. We are proud to be a female-owned firm in the construction law field. We bring a fresh perspective to these cases, but more importantly, we have a reputation for success. After many years in practice, we have learned the importance of focusing on our clients and their goals. We take the time to get to know what those goals are so we can help our clients achieve them.

Who Do We Represent?

We represent everyone involved in the development of real estate, including:

  • Property owners and sellers
  • Development and construction companies
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Vendors and material suppliers
  • Architects, engineers and design professionals

Every party involved in property development and construction has different needs and goals. We understand the different perspectives and legal issues involved at every stage of project development.

Full-Service Construction Law Advocates

Construction law is one of Oliver Hughes LLC’s largest practice areas. It calls on a wide range of legal skills and knowledge. Examples of common legal issues we address include:

  • Contracts – Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts, as well as handling breach of contract litigation
  • Defects – Bringing and defending litigation regarding claims of defects in construction
  • Litigation – Representing parties in all types of litigation regarding construction
  • Collections – Pursuing the collection of outstanding debt on behalf of businesses who worked on the project, including filing mechanics’ liens and materialmen’s liens

We understand the need to find strategic solutions to these problems. We are skilled negotiators, focused on finding a resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible. When negotiation fails, however, our extensive trial skills will serve you in the litigation process. Whatever your needs and your goals, we will fight tenaciously toward that outcome.

Discuss Your Needs With Us

Find out more about how we can help you achieve your legal goals by scheduling an appointment with one of our attorneys. You can call our office in Woodstock at 470-863-3824 or send us an online message.