Effective Legal Representation Begins With Understanding A Client’s Goals

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Strong Advocates In Business Law And Civil Litigation

Oliver Hughes LLC represents both businesses and individuals involved in commercial disputes and general litigation, as well as business contracts and other transactional work. We aggressively enforce the legal rights of our Atlanta-area clients in conflicts arising from contractual disagreements, debt collection, construction disputes and other concerns. We are equipped to handle complex matters for plaintiffs and defendants in both Georgia and federal courts. Our team focuses on obtaining the best result possible, enabling you to move past the litigation and thrive well into the future.

Fighting For Your Business

Much of our practice centers around representing parties in business litigation. With over 25 years of combined legal experience in this area, we are confident that we can help you resolve your conflict. Common areas we handle include:

  • Contract disputes – Contracts are the basis of many business transactions and when disputes arise, you need an advocate who understands these documents.
  • Unfair business acts – We bring actions on behalf of consumers under the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act when they have been victimized by deceptive sales practices or unlawful debt collection tactics.
  • Construction disputes – Firm lawyers handle payment and contract disagreements arising from construction projects. When necessary, we can file suit to obtain judgment on the amounts due and also handle any mechanics’ lien claims.
  • Judgment collection – If you or your business has been granted a judgment, we use the most efficient means of collecting it completely. In some cases, we will obtain a levy of property or record a judgment lien on property owned by the debtor.
  • Real estate leases – We advise residential and commercial landlords to help them pursue unpaid rent and compensation for property damage. In disputes over lease obligations, we represent both tenants and lessors.

No matter how your business dispute arises, we can help you find a solution. We will take the time to learn about your business and your goals so that we can help you succeed.

Skilled And Experienced Civil Litigators

When faced with a legal conflict, you need strong representation from the start. The attorneys at Oliver Hughes LLC deliver highly effective advocacy in a range of general civil litigation cases, such as:

  • Fraud and misrepresentation – If you have suffered damages due to someone else’s misrepresentation, we can pursue a claim on your behalf to help recover what is rightfully yours.
  • Personal injuries – We help victims obtain compensation from negligent parties who are responsible for their injuries.
  • Privacy violations – Our firm handles litigation for people who have been harmed when someone has improperly violated their privacy rights.
  • Probate and estate disputes – When conflicts arise during a loved one’s probate, you need a lawyer on your side to protect your interests.

We have the experience needed to pursue justice for you in any forum. Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge to guide individuals and businesses to a favorable outcome in all civil litigation concerns.

A Skilled Guide In Transactional Matters

In addition to litigation, we often represent businesses and individuals in transactional work. This includes negotiating, drafting and reviewing documents and contracts in a variety of situations. We also advise business clients with business formation matters and represent our clients in mergers and acquisitions. Whether you need to review a commercial lease agreement or draft a sales contract, we know what to look for to make sure you are protected.

Let Us Help You Get Started

We want to help your business achieve success. To get started, schedule an appointment at our office in Woodstock. You can call us at 470-863-3824 or send us a message online.